If you stick around through our nuggets, I’ll give you guys a very, VERY early mock draft. Deal? Deal. Let’s go …

• I mentioned this on Twitter: the Giants have received feedback that some coaches would be lukewarm on the job based on what’s perceived as an old-school structure gone stale. The thinking there is that too many people have been in their jobs for 10, 20 or even 30 years, and that the organization needs a bit of a reset.

My understanding is that Baylor coach Matt Rhule is among those who feel that way. If he’s going to land back where he was assistant offensive line coach in 2012, there’ll have to be some changes in how things are set up.

As we mentioned this morning, expect Rhule to be interviewed by least three places (New York, Dallas, Carolina), and expect that he’ll be very measured in his approach after what he went through last year. There’s no way he’s going to a place that isn’t aligned with him philosophically or tries to impose staff on him. He’s a natural fit in New York, and my feeling is they would be the most likely to land him.

• The Browns’ head coaching search could be similar to the Giants’—the way the franchise is set up could look different after the team hires a new coach. Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has long been a favorite of the Haslams. He didn’t even get an interview last year in large part because GM John Dorsey led much of the search—and there was a belief that Dorsey was leery about hiring a head coach coming from a place where the coach is king (especially after his experience with Andy Reid in Kansas City, and what happened with McDaniels and Dorsey’s close friend, Chris Ballard, in Indianapolis). So if the Haslams choose McDaniels? It’s fair to say Dorsey would become a figure to watch.

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