Saint Vitus Bar opened nine years ago yesterday in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and has become the de facto hub of rock and metal in New York City. If you’re looking to book a club show in the area, you go to Vitus. The venue itself has provided us with hundreds of hours of video footage (captured mostly by videographer Frank Huang) and memories to last many lifetimes. Bands like Megadeth, Gojira, Neuroris, Killswitch Engage and even the now famed Rock N Roll Hall of Fame Nirvana reunion happened there. This a very special place for the New York rock scene. Now, the beloved venue needs our help.

Due to the shut down, the venue is in a bit of a financial crunch and is launching a Kickstarter, and they are offering some unique perks, be it one-of-a-kind merch, or for higher spenders a “golden ticket” that allows you entry into any Vitus show for a year.

“The Brooklyn mainstay and renowned metal venue has reached out to their large community to secure some pretty amazing rewards for contributors, including limited edition merch, stickers, access to livestreams, and tickets. Also, on Tuesdays and Fridays they are rolling out unique rewards that will include everything from video music lessons from some of your favorite musicians to signed memorabilia from Vitus shows, photos, posters, and even a musical score for your favorite cute animal video from a bonafide NYC metal legend!”

If you ever found yourself at Vitus, and have some money to spare, please consider donating here.

Personally, while I’ve joked in the past that I have “retired” from going to shows, the one thing I cannot wait to do once this is all over is catch a show at Vitus with friends, get plastered and then head around the corner to share a blunt with friends. It will happen soon!

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