Officials started building a new electrical center in St. Raphael, Haiti in February. Evenson Calixte’s Twitter Images

Excited by the arrival of 138 electricity poles to their town, residents of St. Raphael, a commune in the Northern Department, emptied the truck themselves instead of waiting for a crew to come do it on Saturday. 

“Wow,” tweeted Evenson Calixte on Sunday, a specialist in electrical energy. “The residents didn’t wait for the crane to arrive this morning. They took the poles out by hand.”

The poles will be used to build a network between the new power station in St. Raphael and the old one. Source

Electoral council member dies at 56

Patrick Numa, a representative of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) died on Feb. 21, 2021.

Patrick Numa, a representative of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), died at 56 on Sunday in his home in Haiti. 

Numa suffered a stroke in December. He went to Cuba to receive medical treatment, then returned to Haiti Feb. 17. 

There’s no word yet about who will replace him on the 9-member council charged with organizing Haiti’s elections this year. Source

Soccer union president criticizes FIFA for choosing attorney as chairman

Ernso Laurence, Haitian Soccer Players Union (SFH)’s president. Photo credit: Haiti-Tempo

Ernso Laurence, president of the Haitian Soccer Players Union (SFH), condemned FIFA for choosing an attorney as the soccer federation’s chairman.

FIFA announced that it selected Jacques Letang, president of the Federation of Haitian Bars, as chairman on Feb. 4. Letang signed a note earlier this month asking President Jovenel Moïse to leave office, Laurence writes in the letter. 

Laurence made the statements in a letter to Michaëlle Jean, the advisory panel’s chair.

“Doesn’t that make him a member of the opposition in Haiti? So, how will he combine politics and soccer, knowing that FIFA is against state interference in sports affairs,” Laurence writes. Source

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