Lamentari is Latin for “a passionate expression of grief or sorrow”, and there is no better way to describe the Danish symphonic black metal outfit. Rather than pulling the stereotypical elements of black metal together, they use the more somber and darker elements of Liturgical Classical Music for a much grander and more complex sound.

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“Nihilitatis” is a powerful display of raw dark energy, combining the intensity of the grand church organ and brutal technicality of the guitars and drums.

The band describes the video: “A harrowing forest, with ominous ruins. Beyond its borders peaks forth a spire on top of a castle. A long path leads to a white chapel. Here the letters with the symbol of Sulfur are to be delivered, so that deathly rituals can commence the new dawn of the Cult.

The Cult has worked beyond the periphery of the known. Its secrets have always been inherited in clandestine gatherings, in places known only to devoted flock-members and those of the priesthood. Now, pieces are moving. The patience of the Cult will reward only those truly feverish. Will you be among them?”

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