In these trying and uncertain times, we are looking daily for things to take our minds off the craziness around us. And while the industry may be up against many challenges, one thing is for sure. Music will always be here, and it can always move us. With that in mind, comes a wonderful new distraction for your ears and minds. Trance heavy hitters Ilan Bluestone, Maor Levi, and Emma Hewitt have joined together to form a new “supergroup” if you will, called Elysian. With all the talent being funneled into this new crew, the anticipation over the track was significant, and they certainly delivered.

Anjunabeats released the group’s debut single, “Moonchild,” on Friday. True to the  the label’s uplifting and energetic tone, the track opens with mellifluous chords and hauntingly beautiful vocal riffs. It then quickly escalates, blending the classic trance synths and plucks with Emma’s soothing topline, creating stunning and high energy dance hit!

So, if you’re looking for a song to get lost in, to forget the worries of the day, look no further. Stream Moonchild below now!

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