With Skrillex on the verge of releasing new music, all eyes and ears are on his social accounts as we anticipate his next move.

Just last week, Skrillex live streamed one of his fan favorite IDs known as “Ping Pong,” strongly hinting that his next release might be that. In addition, a newly surfaced video via his Instagram Story shows off a new DnB production — and it’s a vibe.

There’s a satisfying contrast between the two potential releases, as Skrillex refuses to settle for just one style of music. The producer’s debut album Recess experimented with its own eclectic mix of genres and hybrids, and we hope the pattern continues.

As one Redditor points out, Skrillex’s unreleased DnB track reminds of Getter’s “All Is Lost” off his album Visceral, though we believe this to be just a coincidence. Whatever he’s working on, it sounds amazing and we can’t wait to hear in full.

Bottom line here — Skrillex is readying new music and he’s about to “pump em out quick!” Check back to hear more upon release.

New Skrillex DnB Track

New Skrillex DnB on Instagram Story from skrillex


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