By all indications, Tool’s new album Fear Inoculum will be the #1 album in the country next week, unseating the reigning queen of pop, Taylor Swift in her second week of release. Taylor has nothing to be upset about as she had already surpassed going platinum in the album’s second week of release. However, because of the news of her unseating in the charts, it led to some humorous tweets from her fans, Swifties, just now learning who Tool are.

The news spread and memes were born. And some of them have reached Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan himself. Maynard shared this meme on his social media, where he is photoshopped in the role of Thanos in the recent Avengers saga “snapping” Taylor away from the charts.

While this is sure to cause a stir, much like his replying to the Justin Bieber news, Maynard’s hashtags make it clear he’s just having a laugh.

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