Warbringer promised a new album called Weapons of Tomorrow in 2020 and they’re keeping that promise. The band will release Weapons of Tomorrow on April 24 and are now streaming a new version of the 2019 single “Firepower Kills.” Vocalist John Kevill adds the album will also include the 2018 single “Power Unsurpassed” alongside eight brand new tracks.

Weapons of Tomorrow contains two tracks you’ve previously heard, ‘Firepower Kills‘ and ‘Power Unsurpassed‘, which now appear on the record in new and improved form. ‘Firepower Kills‘ is about advancing weapons technology. Modern science is an enormously powerful tool, and the human species must be very cautious about its use.

This song looks at the last 100 years of scientific advances in weaponry and asks, ‘where does this lead?’ Musically, it’s a total thrashing burner, and the main riff ‘evolves’ throughout the song like the weaponry in the lyrics.”

Weapons of Tomorrow was produced by Mike Plotnikoff (In FlamesFear Factory) and mixed by Zack Ohren (Machine HeadSuffocation). Pre-order the album here.

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