Enock-Gene Génélus, the new delegate of the Artibonite Department.

Enock-Gene Génélus, a Gonaives commissioner once fired over a prison escape scandal, will be appointed as the new delegate of the Artibonite Department Thursday, the minister of the interior said.

Génélus, while he was Gonaives’ commissioner in 2015, was accused of helping a prisoner escape to withdraw $40,000 from a bank. Génélus was fired by then-President Michel Martelly.

Last week, President Jovenel Moïse chose Renan Etienne as the secretary of public security and revoked him less than 24 hours later. Etienne, an ex-police chief, was implicated in a massacre in 2005. Source

Activist: Investigate senator’s $4.25 million mansion in Canada

Senator Rony Celéstin and his wife Marie-Louisa’s new mansion in Montreal. Photo via Web Centris

Senator Rony Celéstin and his wife purchased a $4.25 million mansion in Montreal in December, drawing questions about how the pair financed the purchase. 

Pierre Espérance, the National Network of Human Rights Defense’s general director, said on Radio Magik9 Wednesday that the Central Financial Intelligence Unit (UCREF) should launch an investigation of the money used to buy the mansion.

Celéstin’s wife, Marie-Louisa Celéstin, is one of Haiti’s consuls in Montreal. The couple owns another house in Canada. Source

Rapper Izolan visits Chévry in Dominican Republic

Rapper Jean-Léonard “Izolan” Tout-Puissant. Izolan’s Facebook Images

Rapper Jean-Léonard “Izolan” Tout-Puissant has traveled to the Dominican Republic to visit Ralph Youri Chévry, the ex-mayor being held in custody there on suspicion of murder and other crimes.

Chévry was the manager of Barikad Crew, a musical band Tout-Puissant belongs to, for some time.

Chévry was arrested Sunday on suspicion of murder, attempted murder, destruction of public and private property and partnering with Fantom 509, a gang of police officers. Source

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